Sunday, November 08, 2009

Fumes, Fumes, Fumes...

Breathing lacquer fumes is not my favorite way to spend Sunday afternoon.
I have to make concessions to move this job along, the contractor wants to finish by Thanksgiving and I'll be thankful for that. Today the painting sub was here to prime the woodwork. Didn't take that much time but the FUMES will be with us for a while.
I'm not complaining, just stating fact.
Interesting side bar, Friday I got a call from an old friend who is an architect. He made the point that whenever he is hired to do a remodel he tells the client, "You don't want to do this.". The client argues and insists that they do want to do it. I now know what he means.
We're well into the home stretch now and it will be a big improvement to the house when it's all done. Tomorrow we do insulation, as in blown in the atic and the painter sands. MORE DUST!!!
The counter tops are being fabricated and will be here in 10 to 14 days.

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