Saturday, November 07, 2009

The Trip to the End of the Road...

It's a picture of the road I grew up next to. It's US-24 and it runs North and South across the country. It's the road you take when you turn off I-94 to go to Jane and Dick's house in Dearborn.
I had taken Jane to the beauty shop where she likes to get her hair done. While I waited, I noticed the small yellow tree against the background of the others. It was November 3rd. and I had gone to Michigan to help Gail and Cindy tell Jane that she could no longer drive the car. Unfortunately, it was Jane's 86th. birthday and not a nice thing to do to your Mother on her birthday. The issue had to be confronted and Gail and Cindy really needed my support and participation.
So lately I've been thinking a lot about getting old. It's not as they say just a state of mind. There are real physical changes that you have no power to control. I like to think that I have a small ability to influence the changes but there is nothing that can be done to change the aging process.
I'm sure that I will deal more and more with this subject as I continue to age but for now
it's enough comfort to know that Jane is in a safe place and will be cared for as it needed.

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