Monday, January 08, 2007

Stressing over the entry to a little show

Here I am as insecure as a person can be.
I'm stressing over the work I'm going to enter in the Houston Center for Photography members show. Why in the world??????
It really means very little in the big sceme of things except for the fact that I would love to have the juror declare the work wonderful.
I've got to get over that and get back to doing the work. Whatever any juror or any one else for that matter thinks of my work should make no difference to me, but I certainly seem to let it get to me.
I guess that's a natural reaction when you take your work seriously as I do and are trying to do something worthwhile. Perhaps it comes out of the fact that I'm not really tested in the court of public opinion, The Market Place.
When I come right down to it there is a real wisdom in what A.D. Coleman says about those who don't put forth the effort to get the work in front of the public. I think the whole experience makes one "tougher" and I'm guessing it helps strengthen the work as a result of the experience.
Maybe it's time to start to try and "compete" more.

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