Friday, January 26, 2007

It was time well spent

Last night at the urging of my friend Kevin, I signed up for and particpated in a "portfolio review" at the Houston Center for Photography. The session was lead by Wendy Watriss of PhotoFest fame. I now know one of the reasons PhotoFest has been a success, it's Wendy. She is a wonderful, warm and charming woman. I had never spent any time with her and only knew her by reputation, it is well deserved.
On the other hand it was a "portfolio review" and I must admit it lived up to my expectations.
Of the 8 "photographers who participated, 4 of us had relatively well developed portfolios and 4 where still trying to figure out what photography is all about.
I've said it before and I'm probably say it again, I think I've been to my last group review.
Wendy was the only reason that the evening was bearable.

I had an interesting experience the other day when I decided to go to the MFAH library and look up the book "The New York School 1936-1963" by Jane Livingston.
I think I'm actually in the wrong generation with my work. I should have been born in 1934 or 1924 instead of 1944. I find myself so attracted to the work in that book I can hardly believe it.
It truly is wonderful stuff made by a group of people who weren't trying to be artists, or famous for that matter, but simply tyring to made interesting pictures with a small camera. I think there is much fertile ground to plow in studying that work and much to learn from the experience.

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