Saturday, December 30, 2006

Time Flies

It's been six months since the last entry, not exactly keeping up with the diary.
I think I've noticed something about many of the photographs I've been looking at on the web. There seems to be a great similaity between them, that is to say many of them look like they could have been made by the same person.
Everyone is taking the "long view" of interiors and using natural light. I personally like that but there seems to be no real difference in the "look" of the pictures other than the subject matter. Even then the subjects also seem to become ubiquitious.
I was at the MFAH again today and I spent time looking at the exhibition "The Modern West" by curator Emily Ballew Neff. She has managed to get several truly great photographs for us to look at. The Strand "Black Canyon" is magnificent and unique.
Several of the Weston's and the Lang's are wonderful. I know that those particular prints are master pieces but much of the work by today's photographers doesn't seem to know that work of that quality even exists. My friend Al is correct when he says that most photographers are illiterate when it comes to art history and even their own medium.
I'm not sure I understand how museum curators can spend so much time looking at "new" work when there's really nothing new about it. More importantly maybe I shoudl stop looking at "new" work and concentrate on my own.

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