Saturday, November 21, 2009

The End of Week Seven...

The recent cahnges are not as dramatic as we have seen during the frist couple of weeks.
We're getting down to the end of the kitchen project. The microware is now hooked up, however,
there is still no power on the kitchen circuts.
The electrician was here yesterday and has begun the final steps to complete the hook up.
The contractor has given us a time line for the end of the work.
With the biggest news that the trash dumpster will be gone on Wednesday. We will still have a few small details to clean up but clearly the end is in sight.
The Monday after Thanksgiving we start the work in the den, living room and dining room. That work will go much more quickly as it's mainly decorative and superficial.
This project will be finished by Christmas and as Cathy says, "We will have a new house!"

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