Friday, October 30, 2009

The end of week three...

There has been a lot of work done this week.
We have passed several inspections and as you can see the sheetrock is in place. The gas leak in the line from the meter to the house has been repaired and the plumbing and electrical rough in are complete.
By Monday, I'm told that the taping and floating will be done and the cabinets are supposed to be here Wednesday.
Unfortunately, I'll be at Mom's house so I won't be here for the actual installation but I'll put up more pictures a week from today.
I will tell you now that the people at Kurtin Fine Homes have been very easy to work with and I'm pleased with the way they have kept this job moving along. We might actually make our tentative finish date of December 1.
Then we start on the den and the living room and dining room.
I can hardly wait, I've learned to love DUST!

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