Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tempus Fugit

It's the 23rd of June and I'm almost a Full Time Photographer.

This past Sunday the "family" came over for a Father's Day dinner (store bought) and during the visit took a look at the first work from the trip to BBRSP.

I was a little surprised and delighted by the reaction of the assembled multitude.

By and large the pictures got rave reviews, even from some of the harshest critics. It was nice to hear the plaudits but I suspect that one of the reasons for the positive reaction stems from the fact that the prints are in color. I believe that the "man in the street" is so conditioned to seeing color pictures that if you get the color balance right and the pictures in focus, he's impressed. I have printed them on the wonderful Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Bright White 310 gsm paper and I think that added to the overall favorable impression. As one of the guests suggested, "they almost look like paintings". I suppose that's a compliment and I'll admit that I have been thinking about the work of Caton and Zaner, but I wasn't conscious of printing the pictures to look like paint. I did say to Paul the other day at lunch that I think Adobe PhotoShop gives photographers some of the tools to manage a picture much like a painter does. He agreed. If the image is a size other than drugstore, the man in the street thinks it's art.

Never the less, I shouldn't be such a cynic, I should learn to accept the adulation and enjoy it.

I've got to get busy and get the black and white film processed and see what comes from that.

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