Friday, October 24, 2008


If it's not there is no hope for the future of humanity.

I've been a "Customer's Man" for a long time and this is one of the worst Bear Markets I've ever seen! It's not the same as the 1973-74 Bear or the 1987 crash but it's affect may be just a devastating to the confidence of the investing public.

This Market has fooled us at every turn, sell offs that looked like extreme lows, a credit crisis in the best free market system in the World, an apparent lack of faith in the capacity of the American Consumer to spend money ( even money they don't have) and finally what I can only describe as complete lack of faith in our system. Even smart guys where too early when they bought stocks.

Sure there is plenty of "Blame" to go around, Wall Street, The Administration, Congress, the "Regulators" even the "Home buying" public.

But, Is it the END?

If it's the END of anything, it's the end of the Bear Market.

Something I have come to learn, FEAR is by far the strongest emotion and right now, FEAR has an iron grip on everyone's out look.
My fear is that some of my clients are going to do something dumb, like sell into this panic, when they should be buying.

What we know for sure it that the sun will come up tomorrow and people will continue to have babies. When that is no long true, then and only then should you sell you stock portfolio.

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