Friday, March 07, 2008

Houston Center for Photography does it again...

...last night was a perfect example of why HCP is the luckiest non-profit photography organization on the planet.
Madeline Yale (Executive Director, Curator) was responsible for an amazing evening.
HCP's President, Dr.Patricia Eifel deserves some to the credit as well.
HCP hosted a party sponsored by Baume & Mercier for the benefit of the Magnum show that is closing at HCP.
It was lovely, and of course I was "under dressed", but that didn't matter to the large group of well dressed, sophisticated people that attended. They generally ignored the photographers.
Magnum presented some of the iconic images that Magnum photographers have made over the years and HCP installed an exhibition curated by Susan Meiselas of work done in China. It's a "multi-media" show that is amazing and wonderful. Don't fail to see it.
What the current staff and board have done for the growth and development of the Houston Center for Photography is almost a miracle. The organization has grown and become a truly world class entity. It's another lesson to me in what can be done by didicated and committed people, doing the right thing.
HCP has come a long way since I was president. Many thanks to all who have worked for this outcome. You have done a wondeful thing for photography and for Houston.

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