Thursday, February 14, 2008

Last night at the COR meeting...

I spent endless hours last night looking at photographs made by and listening to people who can't read.
Because I took a "Peter Brown class" at Rice University some time ago, I've become eligible to attend COR ( Cream of Rice ) meetings with other "students".
Peter is "chairman of the board" and directs the activity of the meetings.

For last night's get together, Peter had asked all participants to bring ONE photograph that had inspired them. I was under the impression that Peter meant a photograph made by someone other than yourself. Apparently I was one of the few that had gotten that message because most people brought their own work. I must have been on the right track because Peter brought a Walker Evans print from his collection.
I admit I brought some of my own work, IN ADDITION to a photograph made by David Vestal.
As I told Peter, he is a much better teacher than I am. I would have sent most of the "students" to detention for not doing the correct assignment.
I conclude that most either can not read or don't read or just don't care.
I found much of the time spent at the COR meeting last night a waste of time. Time that would have better been used SLEEPING!!!

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