Sunday, February 24, 2008

Colin Zelt does the job for HCP...

As a founding member and long time supporter of the Houston Center for Photography,, I was thrilled to attend the most recent digital workshop at the new "digital darkroom" yesterday.
What has happened at HCP in the past three years is an amazing testament to the dedication and hard work of the people running the place. HCP has become a "World Class" facility for teaching and exhibiting photography. The "new" space is a wonderful resource for the Houston photographic community.

The digital darkroom is first class and I would heartily recommend it's use to anyone. The class that I just completed was excellent and the equal of any I've attended.
Colin Zelt, , taught us his version of High Dynamic Range in Adobe Photoshop. I'm very impressed. As anyone who has used Photoshop knows there are any number of ways to get to the same end with the program. Colin has worked out a very elegant and practical way to use Photoshop to achieve the same result others labor with. I'm sure this comes out of his understanding and use of computers for his professional work and his math background.

It remains to be seen if I can apply what I've learned but whether I do or not, the experience was worth far more than the few dollars the "tuition" cost me.

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