Tuesday, November 06, 2007

It's been a trying time for this kid...

I've been nagging myself about a follow up to the last post about the trip to Big Bend.
However, I haven't done anything about it until now.
In the interim, I've made a quick trip to Detroit, for Mom's birthday, and I'm now back at the homestead and beginning to think about pictures again. Oh, did I mention that the genius leaders at my parent company have given my wife a nervous breakdown with their mismanagement of the business and the resulting CRASH of the stock price?
Let's not dwell on the negative.

The trip to the Big Bend on the Rio Grande was a wonderful experience, particularly traveling with Bill Zaner and David Caton. Being able to spend time with the two of them was very rewarding. Bill and David are two very unique men in the their own right and wonderful company on any occasion.

While they painted the landscape I watched and learned...more later.

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