Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Things Change faster than I do.

Last Friday I traded in the "sports car" for a sedan.
The idea is to give Cathy a nice car to drive to school, it's the middle of the second semester and she needs a boost in spirits ( All teachers do at this time of year.) and I'm not going out in the country in a small, low slung automobile and try and drive back roads. It also seems to make economic sense to trade the hot rod while it still has good market value.
I hadn't realized that I would have so much trouble making a change like this but it's true. The thought of leaving Wall Street behind is not an easy one to come to terms with. It's been a major part of my life for so many years that now that I'm actually making the change I'm filled with all sorts of second thoughts.
Perhaps the best thing for me to do is get busy making pictures. My recent experience hasn't produced anything that I'm wildly excited by, so I'm a little depressed about my new work. I can change that by making more work.
I'm beginning to find that I agree more and more with my friend Vestal, all I really need is a 35mm camera and with enough effort a few good photographs will result.
Heres' a little of the recent work, http://www.lenkowitz.com/

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