Sunday, April 15, 2007

Can you tell the difference between an inkjet and a sliver print.

Here’s the long awaited opinion on the two prints. I’ve been out voted.
I put both of them up on the wall in the "photography" room and looked at them in different light. The ambient light in the room and the other was the spot light that I use to look at prints.
The only significant difference seems to be that the inkjet is a little lighter and has a slightly warmer tone that the silver print.
Personally I prefer the apparent higher contrast of the silver print, while everyone else that has looked at them likes the more open feel of the inkjet print. The common thread seems to be that the inkjet has more of the feeling of a rainy day. Frankly, even side by side it’s hard to tell which one is silver and which one is the inkjet.
Last night we had Kevin and his Mother, Mary, over for dinner and they had to take the test before they got any dinner, both of them liked the inkjet better than the silver print. Kevin teaches at the University of Houston and makes photographs, he’s looked at a lot of prints and I value his opinion.
I’m going to the museum this coming Friday and I’ll take them along and show them to Dell. Dell is the print room manager and he’s looked at a lot of photographs, I’ll let you know what he has to say.

I have to be fair and tell you that the two prints where made by my freind David and he is in fact a master printer in both silver and ink.

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