Saturday, April 28, 2007

The NEW Houston Center for Photography

Friday, April 27 2007 marks an important date in the 25 year history of the Houston Center for Photography.
The new Executive Director, Madeline Yale presented her first self curated exhibit.
The Houston Center for Photography has entered the 21st century!
As one of the artists said to me last night, "the last time I was here the place didn't have the feel of an institution, now it does." I take that as good news, for perhaps the first time in the history of the organization the work on the wall and the appearance of the building reflects very well on all the people who have worked so hard to keep this place alive.
Here's a bit of history for the newcomers.
After countless attempts to help bring the former management into the real world, the board had to make a change. I'm happy to say the there was only one false start in the process of transition. Now HCP is in the hands of skilled, competent, and committed leadership and on the road to a great new future.
For a city like Houston to not have a World Class exhibition space for new photographic based work is a crime.
There has been, for as long as I have lived here, a very real interest and support for the arts. For many years the idea of place to see and experience the new and innovative work being done by people using photographic media in all it's various forms was simply not living up to it's potential.
With last night's opening it is clear to me that that failure has been overcome.
Congratulations Madeline on a great show, and thank you for all the hard work you've done to get here.
Take a look when you have time,

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