Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Minor White

According to David Vestal;
"I went to see Minor White because I wanted to use his pictures is a photo annual I was editing.  He was pleased because I came to him instead of asking him to send prints to New York.  I was pleased because I could choose the  photos I wanted instead of being stuck with whatever he chose to send.
Isn't diplomacy wonderful?  It had it's price.  Minor, always a follower of fads, was on a mystical diet, so his house slaves---MIT student acolytes---and all who came were served hay for dinner, and straw for appetizers.  Coffee and tea were forbidden. whisky (sic), fortunately, was OK and Minor had his share. In the evening no lights were turned on: Schonberg's Verklarte Nacht, gloomy mood music for the overcultered, was on the hi fi while the house grew dark."            

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