Thursday, November 28, 2013

Saul Leiter

British Journal of Photography

Last year as I was surfing the web I happened across a site that was looking for donations to help support a film being made by Tomas Leach about the photographer Saul Leiter.
I had gotten a copy of perhaps the first book published about his work. Saul Leiter early color by Steidl
The work is beautiful and I was smitten. It's street photography at it's best and in color long before color was cool.  So I contributed a small amount to Leach's effort. I return I was going to get a CD of the film when it was finished.
Months passed and I was beginning to wonder if I had made a mistake, then the mail arrived and I had my CD.  I watched it with great interest and came away with great satisfaction. I had contributed to a very worthwhile project that had been executed with passion, skill and love of subject. I was pleased.
It wasn't long and I was told that film would be shown by Leach at a film festival in Denton Texas.
I made the trip and was even more proud of what Tomas had allowed me to be a small part of.
If you make photographs and get a chance, don't miss In No Great Hurry, 13 life lessons with Saul Leiter

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