Thursday, January 20, 2011

Finally a little silver work...

This past Monday evening I joined with a group of folks at Joe Aker's home to initiate a new group to talk about and show our photographs.
I'm sure you will hear more about this as time goes on.
Cathy has been on my case, as much as Cathy ever gets on my case, about getting out more and spending time with others. I think she's afraid that I'll go nuts if I just hang around the studio.
She's probably right, so when Joe invited me to join this new group it sounded like a great idea.
I've never thought of myself as a very competitive person but Monday night opened a door for me. I had no more than gotten home when I decided to get back to work on the series, "Ode to O'Keeffe" and show the group the prints. I'm one of the first presenters.
You can be sure that I'll have something to say when I get back on Monday February 7th.
Stay tuned.

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