Thursday, November 04, 2010

With thanks to Earl and Brandon...

Earl Nottingham and Brandon Jakobeit suggested that we take a short drive out of Alpine to see if we could find a "sunset" picture.
This is all I came up with, rather generic and predictable, but it was fun to see what the 4880 would produce.
Regardless of the photographic outcome, the trip to Alpine and Sul Ross University for the "Shooting West Texas" symposium was well worth the time and expense.
Check out Wyman Meinzer's newest book, "Under one fence". Available at Sylinda's website.

The people who live in West Texas are different than you and me, they live in West Texas and they love it.
In my experience they are a very open and friendly group of people and have no trouble welcoming strangers. I met new friends who share my love of the photographic medium and are pursuing it with passion and commitment. The trip turned out to be a very good way to spend a weekend.

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