Wednesday, March 24, 2010

As if I didn't know the reason...

...why I'm anxious to go to "The Bend".
I was looking at the Harris Gallery website today,
Caton has gone completely wonderful with a new piece. It's the most loose painting I have ever seen from the boy. If I had any money, I'd buy it.
Faye has some been doing some wonderful photographs of a storm he was lucky enough to be there for.
I think I've posted this before, but it bears repeating...
"Quantum Sufficent"
O, I am Maynard Dixon,
And I live out here alone
With pencil and pen and paint-brush
And a camp stool for my throne
King of the desert country
Holding a magic key
To the world's magnificent treasure
None can unlock but me!
At times come terrible moments
When desire fills my soul,
And women and wine and cities
Seem a compelling goal;--
But I wake with a start to my desert
And its lovely vistas unfurled,--
I'd rather be Maynard Dixon,
Than anyone else in the world.

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