Friday, February 05, 2010

It's a small thing...

...but it's one of the reasons that citizens don't have faith in the Government getting things done correctly.
Earlier today the mail arrived.
Circulars, a bill, several advertisements and a magazine. Nothing unusual in that.
Later today as I was sitting in the studio eating lunch I heard another mail delivery drop through the slot and then noticed a different letter carrier heading to the neighbor's house.
I went to look at what had been left by the postman.
Letters to a Mr. Rice on Perthshire.
The problem is I live on Pebblebrook. The guy had delivered most of the mail to the WRONG street and he had almost finished the two blocks.
Being the good citizen that I am, I scooped up the letters and raced out the front door to flag him down.
The look on his face when he saw what he had done was priceless.
When you look at an address on an envelope aren't you supposed to READ the street number and the street name?
Perhaps he just failed to notice that he was on Pebblebrook and not Perthshire? How many times would have to walk your mail route before you figured that out?
All of which brings up the question. How many government employees are paying the same amount of attention to what they're doing as this poor letter carrier?
I'll bet he's not the only one who shows up for work only half there.

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