Saturday, January 31, 2009

If you're making pictures...

Fred Ritchin has done a great public service by publishing this book. His many years of thinking about photographs and how they work on us has given him a special insight into the future of pictures and the internet.
Of particular interest to me...
"Rather than engaging their viewers in serious conversation, media's response to a fear of being irrelevant has made their irrelevance a self-fulfilling prophecy."

You might be familiar with Ted Orland's other effort "Art and Fear". He and David Bayles did the community of artists a favor by putting in print some to the issues we deal with. Ted goes a step further and takes the conversation to a more personal level.
It's also an insight into some to the influences on my friend in East Texas, R.B. Langham III.

Turn off the "tube" and read a book! You'll feel better for it, I sure do.

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