Monday, August 04, 2008

Should we listen to the rest of the World?

Elizabeth Pena
Jenny Ertman (left) with friends.

Jose Medellin

What do we "owe" the victims?
Are we doing the "right thing" by enforcing the laws we have made to govern ourselves?
How big is the community we live in?
When a person makes a "youthful" mistake, how long should they have to pay for it?
In my opinion, if we cave to World opinion we have given up the right and the responsibility to govern ourselves.
One last thought for Jose as he goes to "that sweet good night", think about what you have done to Jennifer Ertman and Elizabeth Pena.
Judge Cathy Cochran, a member of the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, which last week rejected his appeals, wrote that Medellin bragged to his friends that the victims had been virgins until they were attacked by the gang.
"His written confession," Cochran wrote, "displayed a callous, cruel and cavalier attitude toward the two girls that he had raped and helped to murder. Surely no juror or judge will ever forget his words or his sordid deeds."

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