Saturday, July 12, 2008

Was dinner the best part...

Last night Cathy and I went to a private opening at John Cleary Gallery.
Before the "show" we stopped at Pappas Seafood on Shephard and had the best fried shrimp on the Gulf Coast.
The work we saw at Cleary where mostly from two bodies of work by Frank Yarmus.
The primary exhibition is work he's been doing for the past year, photographing plastic water bottles. The pictures are well lit product shots without labels, copy or type. I guess that's okay if you like that sort of thing.
Frank says that he would like to show them in the form of a "grid", and I think he's right. Bernd and Hilla would be proud.
I agree the show would work better as a single piece rather than a group of discreet photographs.
The most interesting work was the three pictures from a series of self portraits that he's been working on for the past year as well.
Frank turns 50 in November and found himself somewhat stressed by the fact so he's been photographing himself at home and as he goes about his life. Maybe we only got to see three because some to the pictures might be too much for the conservative Houston audience, too bad.
Much more interesting than water bottles and I'm sorry we only got to see three of them.
Catherine, the lady who runs the gallery now that John is no longer with us,
tells me that she is going to do something a little different.
She's going to open the Gallery on Friday night before the official "opening" for a chance to see the work and visit with the artist. In my opinion that's a great idea. Openings are generally a pain in the ass and not a very good time to look at the work or visit with the artist. Way to go Catherine!
Don't let me make up your mind about Frank's work, he is a charming guy, very open and great to talk to, go see the work for yourself.
As for dinner, I could eat the fried shrimp at Pappas Little Seafood until I can't walk away from the table. Cathy and I split an order.

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Robert said...

I'm always alert for art, especially photographic art, that ought to be another media. Might be, he should just exhibit the bottles and skip the middle man.

Tough in still life, which I work in sometimes. I make sure my still lifes have some movement, life, fire, flow, or something in them so they wouldn't be better as just the still life in person.