Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More Market drivel...

My bother-in law sent me an email from a colleague that made the point that it appears that "idiots" are in charge.
Imagine that, someone actually thinks that the guys in charge might not know what they're doing!
Over the past 37 years of "Working on Wall Street" I've seen it over and over again. I have come to believe that the people running the show are actually just making it up as they go along. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

Don't forget that the only constant is change and even the high IQ guys and gals who "make it happen" don't and can't know what's next.
If I sound like I'm defending them, I'm not. It seems to me that "they" make the same mistakes everyone else does in their decision making.
They are either too aggressive or too conservative with their choices.
One other trait I've noticed, they're not smart enough to conspire, so forget conspiracy theories.

So why bother? As I told my bother-in-law, two things are true.

1. The sun will come up in the morning until John Hagee's in charge.
2. People will continue to breed and that will result in increased demand for the goods and services that Capitalism/Free Enterprise can produce.

All of which to say the Stock Market will rise to levels it's never seen and if you're in the right stuff, your savings will be worth more than they ever have been.
So if you're not in, get in! If you are in, stay in! Try not to worry about it and spend more of your time in productive effort.
Maybe I'm just going on about this in order to comfort myself, it seems to work so why not. Besides, I haven't heard anyone put forth a better explanation.

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smith kaich jones said...

People WILL continue to breed, but sometimes it seems that the ones who are breeding the most have the least $$ to spend. See "Idiocracy".

:) Debi