Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lunch with Chris...

My friend, the attorney, has given me some advice and raised my awareness to how paranoid people are about their children. When my kids where young (the 70's) there was no thought about child molesters or child porn. If I knew about it's existance I certainly wasn't aware that it was all pervasive in the society.

Today parents are very different as evidenced by a comment to my last post. An anonymous comment claims that the person would have destroyed my camera had he been sitting at the table next to me that other night in Dallas. I suspect that the reality with this person is something entirely different than what they claim in an anonymous post on the internet.

In fact I was not breaking any law by taking a picture in a resturant. The establishment had posted no signs asking people not to photograph.
However, did I violate the "father's" sense of privacy? Obviously.
Was that a nice thing to do, maybe not.
Do I feel guilty or do I have some sense that I will not photograph in public again? Not a chance.
Could the father have handled his "problem" with my activity differently? No question.

Pictures of our fellow man are to my way of thinking one of the most interesting subjects we have and I intend to pursue it with vigor. I hope the person who threatened to "the camera would have been in pieces" has more inteligence than demonstrated in the comment. Threatening behavior is not helpful in a civilizied society.

On another topic.
Check out the Leica web site. You can find my work by using the directory of photographers on the site.

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