Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Houston Center for Photography Auction

I've seen many of them and even been responsible for one of them, but last night's HCP auction at the Junior League of Houston was the best by far.
While it's never easy to navigate the "Galleria" area at quiting time, getting in out of the Junior League proved to be a breeze last night. That experience set the tone for the whole eveing,
The venue was the very well suited to all the activity that had go no to support the auction and auction itself went well. By my count HCP raised almost $90,000 in sales, both silent and live.
The hit of the night was the Walker Evans from the "Brooklynn Bridge" series, which I beleive sold far too cheaply. That comment was for the benefit of the buyer.
The crowd was good sized and the sale went well. I enjoyed the whole affair.

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