Wednesday, January 30, 2008

John Cleary was an inspriation and he will be missed!

I've known John since he was dealing photographs from his dining room table and still trying to trade stocks at Eppler.

The Houston Chronicle and Patricia Johnson do a better job of telling his story than I can.
When I stopped to say hello the day before yesterday, there was his son Russell and two long time girlfriends keeping his sister Ann company. The hospice nurse was there as well.
John had been laughing with the girls and when I said hello he was interested in what the "Market" was dong. To me, that's John. He was a gambler and a risk taker and more importantly a good one, certainly better than many others I have known.
He created something that will endure, his very large collection of photographs. He had a keen eye for value and he had the courage of his convictions.
Houston will be less for his passing and the community of photography lovers, makers, lookers and hangers on will be the ones who loose the most. His gallery was the best photography gallery Houston has had and John's excellent taste and judgement helped us see more and better photographs than we could ever dream of on our own.

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