Sunday, December 16, 2007

Did the Beckers do this to us?

As I have been looking at the work posted on a number of photographic web sites lately, I come back to the same thought. Why aren't more photographers looking at the amazing way that light defines objects, spaces, people and anything else it touches.
Much of the work from the European sites seems to be shot in a very flat, even light. I realize that everyone thinks of the work of Bernd and Hilda as creating some sort of new "typology" but frankly I find that it's interest wears thin after just a few pictures. Much of the work I've seen lately seems to follow the Becker style with one exception, it's in color.
I suppose there are a number of reasons for this apparent trend but I don't think it adds much to our visual understanding of the World and frankly the pictures are boring.
I'll pursue this line in further posts, after I've had a little more time to define my thoughts on the subject.

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