Friday, May 18, 2007

Speaking of Homogeneous

Yesterday I spent a little time looking at photographs on the website
I came to a new understanding of the word Homogeneous.
It's as if the majority of the people who have posted to that website have never looked at any one's work.
I think it's the amateur disease, nudes, snapshot portraits, sunsets, and animals, mostly cute.
I don't think that Sally Mann has done us any great favor by photography dead, decomposing bodies, but at least it's not the SAME thing all these people at doing.
Photography may well be the most ubiquitous art form but it is also one of the least well understood by most practionioners.
All of which makes me think that I'm on to something when the recent work I showed Tony drew the response, "what's with all the fuzzy pictures?".
In the work I looked at yesterday, "sharpness" was a consistant quality of the work, apparently highly prized by the mass of practioners. While I value that quality as much as anyone, I come back to the question, "What can I do to make pictures that I've never seen ?"

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