Monday, March 13, 2006

I am simply amazed...

at what passes for "Fine Art".
I had the good fortune to have dinner with my friend Kevin and his Mother Mary and my wife Cathy on Saturday evening, the meal was great but the after party entertainment was dreadful.
We made our way, after dinner, to the FotoFest opening exhibition at the FotoFest head quarters on Vine Street.
What are they thinking?
I am mystified as to the point of the show and under whelmed by the quality of the work. Just like other shows I've seen recently, people seem to think that a large picture is worth hanging on the wall evidently because it's large.
Gimmick seems to be the order of the day among the crowd trying to be art photographers. The work that I saw on Saturday evening really did nothing for me. I'm at a loss to explain to you what the "photographers" if you can call them that, are trying to do.
As nearly as I could tell all the work had been contrived to deliver maximum visual impact based on the size of the print. I really didn't see any work that has "stuck" with me, like Tom's print of the boxers. Frankly I can't really remember most of what I saw, it simply made no impression on me.
I'm not smart enough to know if that's the way the big time critics like Peter S. react to what they see, but for me there was simply nothing there.
Does anyone still practice the craft of photography?

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