Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Houston Center for Photography 2006 Auction

Friday February 3rd has come and gone and I'm still shaking my head over the fact that the Houston Center for Photography has had it's most successful auction ever.
In one evening HCP raised over $80,000 !!!
That's not a huge amount to some who run charity events but to HCP it's a fortune.
I'm told that funds raised Friday night will insure the HCP ends the year in the black and completely out of debt.
The debt is a stabilization grant the HCP received several years ago. The terms of the grant stated that the money was to be used for stabilization of the cash flow and must be repaid by the end of the year. When I became President no one on the board was aware of the grant and much was done to obscure the fact from the board. That problem is behind us now.
I'm still coming to grips with the amazing thing that was accomplished by all those who worked so hard to make this auction happen.
Many thanks to all the people who supported HCP by buying photographs Friday night. You are the ones who truly deserve the thanks.
If you'd like to see what we sold visit the website,

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