Saturday, February 25, 2006

The Frenzy has begun!!!!!!!!

Last night we went to look at Allison's photographs.
Kinzelman Art Consultants showed five of Allison's pictures of animals. It makes sense that A. would photograph animals, Carey has written a great deal about animal rights and she clearly likes them.
The prints are large and spare, I like the way they look in the large format.
I'm just not sure that I really engage with the pictures, but then again maybe I do. I have to think about them some more and look at them again.
We also stopped next door at the Inman Gallery and looked at some work by a young man who is trying very hard to be an "Artist". It follows that he's doing what he's doing because he went to very good art schools. I'm sure that's what he told his parents, who where at the opening and judging from the looks on their faces, seemed to be wondering "what's going on?".
I'm even less sure of how I feel about his work than I am about Allison's, probably because I haven't seen his work more than briefly last night.
The frenzy I'm talking about is "Foto Fest", it's going to be a month of bumping into the beautiful people who are pretending to look at photographs. The offical opening is March 10th.

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