Monday, January 09, 2006

Now's the time to try again.

It's the 7th of January and I've broken most if not all of the "New Years Resolutions" already.
Are you surprised?
Not really, it's what we do as humans, the old expression, 'the road to hell is paved with good intentions wasn't just a slogan created by a NY ad agency. It's who we are.
I have work to do today and it really needs to start in the darkroom.
Four rolls of 35mm and two rolls of 120, shot over the weekend and waiting to be discovered.

I'm taking Jane and Cindy to the airport to catch and 12:15 flight and then I think I need to come back to the house and take care of a few chores and develop the film.

On a different subject, it seems to me more and more obvious that as I learn more about digital photography that the tool for me is the old black and white silver gelatin.
Digital is a great tool and it is changing the nature of photograghy, but it can't, or should I admit that, I can't make prints that satisfy me the way silver gleatin can, I guess I've seen one too many outstanding ones, so it's black and white silver for me.

In addition I'm a "Value Investor", after almost 35 years on Wall Street I've become a true beliver in NOT following the crowd, they are most often wrong.
So it's black and white for me and no real sense of ugency about making big prints or printing big editions.
As my friend D.V. says, the print will tell you how big it needs to be and frankly after I've worked to get the print I want I'm bored with the negative. I may make two or three copies at the time but then it's on to the next challenge. By the way, did I mention that "big" prints don't make the picture any better and small prints save paper? Making silver prints is a skill very few have learned to do very well and that's part of why "they" call it art.

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