Saturday, January 14, 2006

Last night the Houston Center for Photography opened the 2006 Aucton show.
The show contains 85 pieces of all types and styles of work. As someone mentioned to me, "there's something here for every taste" and I have to agree. This is one of the most varied shows I have seen produced by HCP. The best part is, all of this work is for sale.
Knowing what I do about HCP, I am very impressed by the work done by Allison Hunter, Executive Director, and her staff. She had a real up hill climb to pull all of this together. When the Board decided to make a significant change in the staff at HCP, no one knew what was waiting to be discovered. Sufice it to say, it took a great deal of effort to get HCP back to operating in a well organizied and business like manner. Allison has proven that she has made a great deal of progress in bringing HCP back to life as an organization.
Many thanks to all who contributed art work, time and money to make this auction become a reality.
I'm confident that Feburary 3rd. will be one of the best events that the Houston Center for Photography has produced.

The photo I've included in this post is the star of the current show. It's by Walker Evans and was shot in 1929 in New York City. The print is from the Arnold Crain collection and was printed on photographic paper made prior to the 1950's. It has been stamped on the back "Walker Evans" and "from the Arnold Crain Collection". The print shown above is in excellent condition in all respects.

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