Monday, May 10, 2004

Today is the day, Monday May 10, 2004

Howdy from the great state of TEXAS.

The friendly faces and hard working people at Blind Pig Productions are here to help.
It is our goal to deliver the finest, most professional "Life Advice" to be found aywhere.
Your life is difficult and complex and it's likely that from time to time you find decission making even more difficult...Well my firend, we're here to help.
So plan on stopping by on a regular basis and get your "up-date" from a source you can trust. Blind Pig Productions!

We will help you understand and make sense of the confussion, misinformation and general BS that eminates from much of today's market driven commentators.

We are about "Truth, Justice, and the American Way"
So check us out and begin to enjoy a much richer fuller "Life Experience".

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